It's no myth, our terrain is legendary.

Legends are told of a remote backcountry ski lodge in the halls of Valhalla, just mere hours from the hamlet of Nelson, BC – in the world famous powder fields of the West Kootenays. Those that venture here swear to keep the secret of this alpine paradise, but the legend grows deeper each passing year.

'Tis a land of plenty: no fewer than 10 stellar alpine basins. Deep powder lines, crystalline mountain air, enticing terrain – something for everyone just out the front door.

The lodge sits at 6,900 feet under the watchful eye of omnipresent Mount Woden, just outside Valhalla Provincial Park.

In the evenings, spin your own warrior myths of secret chutes and epic snow in the sauna and at the nightly feast, chalice in hand.

Rage on, but remember… Get thyself to bed! Fore tomorrow, we do it all again.