WHY GO CATERED??


appies                                                  DSC_1011 doellphoto

  • No Meal planning- Valhalla lodge’s experienced, and exceptionally creative “Red Seal ” Chef does it all
  • No Shopping- Our “Red Seal” Chef knows the best local places to source his food.
  • All baking from “made from scratch” at the lodge.
  • Awesome Appies !!!!
  • Decedent Deserts !!!!!
  • No Packing, no transporting , ( for our American guests ), no hassles at the Border
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  • Our chef is of course “Food Safe” trained and gets it to the heli staging and lodge Safe N’ Sound.
  • “Powder Duty” days Not “Meal duty” days .
  • Ya just can’t compare food/menu quality with someone who spends 12 hr days in the kitchen
  • Makes your trip that much more memorable.
  • For our American guests that $$$ exchange rate is almost like getting the chef for free !