appies           Why go Catered?

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    • No Meal Planning; Our experienced and Creative Chefs do it all.
    • No Shopping:  Valhalla Chefs, know the best places to source their local food.
    • Awesome Appies
    • No Packing: isn’t there enough planning and packing….and repacking?
    • All baking is made from “Scratch” right at the lodge
    • No transporting: Our chefs , trained in “food Safe” practices get it to the Heli staging and lodge for you .Safe N’ Sound .
    • Decedent Desserts
    • For our American guests …No Border hassles, delays. That $ Exchange rate makes it almost the same cost as doing all this for yourself, and you still can’t compare with a Chef who spends most of the day in the lodge preparing meals.
  • Quality Catering makes your trip that much more memorable.
  • “Powder Duty” days Not “Meal Duty” days

Why would you NOT,  GO CATERED????